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About Team Noël-Willockx

In 2013 Eddy Noël and Ivan Willockx start the new concept: Breedingloft Team Noël-Willockx. Those 2 man only go for the highest quality ! Quality is not only a word, but they proove by their results.

Breedingloft Team Noël-Willockx will become a ‘standard’ in the International pigeonworld. In those 2 years they are the breeders of:

3rd Nat. Acepigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2014 – Raced by Ariën-Dekeyser
15th Nat. Acepigeon KBDB Great Middle Distance Youngsters 2013 – Raced by Vanmuylder-Noël-Demul

On their Breedingloft there are no less then 4 provincial winners !

The basic bloodlines are:

Gaston Van de Wouwer
PIPA – PEC – New Freddy
Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx
JLN Houben
Gaby Vandenabbeele
Marcel Aelbrecht
P & J Roziers
Rudi De Saer
R & X Verstraete
J & J Engels
M & G Santens

Team Noël-Willockx: Breeders of KBDB National Acepigeons!

Top Bourges-weekend: 15x top 100 provincial
2 weeks in a row 1st prize!
Nice start of the provincial races