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Latest news about Team Noel-Willockx.

Super result on Bourges II National race
On the first important race for youngsters this season our young birds made an amazing result. 10 young birds in top-100 provincial against over 6.700 pigeons

Bourges II National race is the first important race for youngsters. Our pigeons made a super result on this race race and won 10 times top-100 provincial.

Bourges (456km):
Club 330 young birds: 1-3-4-5-12-13-15-16-20-22-24-25-26-27-28-30-… 44/132
Samenspel: 2.285 young birds: 6-17-24-28-47-48-57-59-70-73-77-88-89-96-97-… 56/132
Provincial 6.736 young birds: 2-8-14-22-48-49-64-67-89-96-… 49/132

Sibou, 2e Prov. Bourges

Click here to check the pedigree of Sibou, BE16-6132600, 2e prov. Bourges 6.736 p.

Our 2e arrival on Bourges, Coco, BE16-6132632, who won 8e provincial Bourges, made a week earlier also a good result. He won 45e provincial Blois against 4.406 young birds. KClick here to check the pedigree of Coco, BE16-6132632, 8e prov. Bourges 6.736 p.

Stamdoffer 118
Remarkable in àll our 10 top-100 provincial young birds we see our Stamdoffer 118 in the pedigree. Stamdoffer 118, a direct Gebroeders Santens. It is our basic breeder who gives 1st prize winners in 7 generations!

Top Bourges-weekend: 15x top 100 provincial
2 weeks in a row 1st prize!
Nice start of the provincial races