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Latest news about Team Noel-Willockx.

Mr.Brive wins 2 weeks in a row top-70 National on long distance races!
Last week Mr. Brive won 22nd Nat. Birve (676 km), this week he wins 70th Nat. Jarnac (665 km)

The yearlings who raced 1 week ago the national race from Brive, were basketted this week for Jarnac. They made an amazing result:

Club: 76 yearlings: 1-2-3-4-5-8-9-10-11-12-13-16-19-20-23 (15/26)

Two weeks in a row Mr. Brive won the 1st prize on a long distance race. A super performance!

Mr. Brive, BE14-6228825, a super cock, won last week 22nd Nat. Brive and this week 70th Nat. Jarnac against 4.457 yearlings. The mother of Mr. Brive is Provincial Celine, 1st. Prov. Bourges and she has the best bloodlines of De Rauw-Sablon & Aelbrecht: De Limoges, Dreampair Albert x Paola, De Marseille, Het Fijn Blauw,... Father of Mr. Brive is Den Ouden Ring, inbred to Stamdoffer 118. Click here to see the pedigree of Mr. Brive.

Mr. Brive is a late bred 2014 and won last year also top on short distance race from Pont (218 km)

 3e Prov. Brive  2.336 yearlings
19e Prov. Jarnac   802 yearlings
22e Nat.  Brive  9.049 yearlings
70e Nat.  Jarnac 4.557 yearlings
 2e       Pont     374 young birds
 5e       Pont     309 young birds
Top Bourges-weekend: 15x top 100 provincial
2 weeks in a row 1st prize!
Nice start of the provincial races