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Latest news about Team Noel-Willockx.

Super weekend: 1st prize Souppes (329 km) and 3 pigeons in top-22 provincial Guéret (562 km)
Our pigeons did super results last weekend. Some of them race from Souppes to prepare Limoges this Saturday, we won 1st prize. Also Guéret National was super with 3 pigeons in top-22 provincial!

On Bourges we had not the best result of the year, we gave our pigeons some 'rest' and let them race a short distance race from Noyon in stead to sent them to Châteauroux. To prepare the national long distance race from Limoges this Saturday, we sent 16 pigeons to Souppes:

Souppes (329 km):

Club: 130 yearlings: 1-9-19-38-46-55-59-63-64  9/16

First prize winner was a blue cock, BE14-6228871, Vedette II, a full brother to De Vedette, 1e Prov. Nevers. Father to Vedette II, Rodger, comes out of the old bloodlines: Superbreeder 425 & Basic Pair 118 x 911. Mother to Vedette II, Klakske, wins herself 6th Prov. & 75th Nat. Argenton and had Klak bloodline. Click here to see the pedigree of Vedette II.

The major part of our yearlings raced national race from Guéret. What a super result! Against 4.432 yearlings we won 3 pigeons in top-22 on provincial level!

Guéret (562 km)

Club: 373 yearlings: 2-3-4-9-10-16-20-25-26-29-31-32-33-35-36-37-38-39-42-48-49-53-58-71-... 33/52
Provincial: 4.432 yearlings: 11-14-22-... (only top-50 results available)

Miss Lisboa, BE14-6228958, a chequered hen, won 11th Prov. Guéret. Her father, Maxime, BE07-4368306, is a full brother to Kim, 1e Prov. Argenton and comes from breeding lines of Eddy's Ace, 3th Nat. Ace Long Distance KBDB 2014, and Miss Bourges, 1st Prov. Bourges. Mother to Maxime, Schoon Geschelpt, is the grandmother to both super racers. Mother to Miss Lisboa, is Pascal Wacko, direct PEC Racing Team Ariën-Dekeyzer. She is a granddaughter to Olympic Wacko, Olympic pigeon Poznan. We see also  superbreeder Armstrong in the pedigree. Clik here to see the pedigree of Miss Lisboa.

Top Bourges-weekend: 15x top 100 provincial
2 weeks in a row 1st prize!
Nice start of the provincial races