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Latest news about Team Noel-Willockx.

New super result for Gusta, BE14-6228950 !
Gusta wins today 3rd prize against 470 yearlings. 3 times basketed and 3 times top !

For the 3rd time in a row our pigeons raced from Noyon (177 km). Gusta, BE14-6228950, a late bred 2014 goes for the 3rd time in the basket and she won 3 times a super result this year:

12-04-2015: Noyon:  2-444
19-04-2015: Noyon: 12-576
26-04-2015: Noyon:  3-470

A super start ! On fatherside we have bloodlines of Patricia Verhaegen and De Klak (via M & L Lippens) and on motherside we have a direct Gustaaf De Bisschop-pigeon. Click here to see the pedigree of Gusta.


Also our other pigeons did a good result this weekend. We won 62 prizes from our 101 basketed pigeons:

3-4-13-14-15-16-23-27-31-33-37-39-42-43-45-48-54-58-59-61-63-72-74-78-87-88-91-92-93-98-... 62/101

Patman, BE14-4146550, won the 4th prize today and add another good result to his result list:

Noyon      4 -   470
Quievrain  9 -   420
Bourges   95 - 2.077

Father of Patman is BE07-4153347, 16th Prov. Ace KBDB short distance and is a descendant of basic breeding pair of Patrick Van den Abbeel. Also the mother of Patman was a superracer, she won 4 times 1st prize ! She is a inbred to Kim, 1st Prov. Argenton. Click here to see the pedigree of Patman.

Top Bourges-weekend: 15x top 100 provincial
2 weeks in a row 1st prize!
Nice start of the provincial races